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Adobe After Effects Question And Answer

 The positions of effect points are based on the coordinate system of the layer and not on the coordinate system of the composition.

  1. True
  2. False

 Which Transform option should be chosen to rotate a layer along a motion path?

  1. Auto-Orient Rotation
  2. Rotation
  3. Position
  4. Anchor Point

 Which among the following is not a mask mode?

  1. Lighten
  2. Darken
  3. Brighten
  4. Difference

 Which mask is previewed and rendered faster than any other kind of drawn mask?

  1. Rectangular
  2. Oval
  3. Bezier
  4. Circular

 At least _________ layers should be selected in order to distribute layers.

  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Four
  4. Five

 The lock layer can be moved by the alignment or distribution option.

  1. True
  2. False

 Which among the following is not a render effect.

  1. Audio waveform
  2. Audio spectrum
  3. Beam
  4. Blend

What is the maximum number of masks that can be applied to a single layer in an After Effects 7.0 composition?

  1. 512
  2. 256
  3. 128
  4. 127

 What would happen, if the feather width is set to 25, using the mask feather property?

  1. The feather extends 25 pixels inside the mask edge
  2. The feather extends 25 pixels outside the mask edge
  3. The feather extends 10 pixels inside and 15 pixels outside the mask edge
  4. The feather extends 12.5 pixels inside and 12.5 pixels outside the mask edge

 Which audio effects repeat the sound in audio footage after a specified amount of time?

  1. Backward
  2. Delay
  3. Bass
  4. Stereo mixer