Fiverr Customer Service Test Questions and Answers 2021

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Solved Fiverr Customer Service Test with Answers

Which of the following are mistakes to avoid when communicating with a customer over email?

Sending the email without checking it for grammar mistakes
Not writing an appropriate subject line
Using jargon that the customer may not be familiar with
a and b
b and c
a b and c

Question: Which of the following is a customer need?

Premium pricing
Experienced management
Friendly customer service
Growing financial performance

Which of the following responses can have a negative impact on an angry customer?

Asking the customer to come back when they have calmed down.
Explaining the best solution you have for them at the moment.
Letting the customer vent and calm down.
Expressing your regret over the inconvenience faced by them.

What would be the two needs of a customer when visiting a theme park?

Safety and Fun
Accuracy and Certainty
Efficiency and Seriousness
Low cost and Tranquility

What is meant by inflection?

The accent you talk in, depending on your country
The highs and lows of your voice, which let the customer know how interested you are in talking to them
The pace at which you speak, which lets the customer know if you are in a rush or not
The general attitude you convey to a customer

How should a customer service strategy plan be distributed to the employees?

By sending a mass email
By telling only those who directly deal with the customers
By emphasizing the management’s commitment to the plan at a company-wide meeting
It should be confined to the top management.

Which of the following would a customer not expect from a customer service agent?


Why is it important to have fast response times to customer queries/complaints?

It shows the customer that you care.
It prevents the customer from contacting you over the same issue through different channels
Both a and b.
Neither a nor b.

The costs of failing to meet a customer’s needs include:

The customer will take their business elsewhere.
The customer will tell friends and family not to use your services.
The customer will go online and tell the whole world about their experience.
All of the above.
A single unhappy customer cannot do much damage to the business.

Once you have resolved a customer’s complaint, you should follow it up with the customer after a few days.

Yes; it’s important to ensure they are satisfied with the solution you offered.
No; doing so would be like reminding the customer they were unhappy with you.

How can you add the personal touch of a phone interaction to an email exchange with a customer?

By using the customer’s name instead of saying Dear Customer.
By using your own name instead of something like “The Support Team.”
By using emoticons and casual words like Hey buddy, BRB, BTW, etc.
a and b
b and c
a, b and c

How would you deal with a customer who is unhappy because of their own fault but insists that you solve the problem to their satisfaction?

Advise them to be more careful in the future.
Apologize for the inconvenience but tell them that you are unable to help because that’s the company policy.
Tell them you value them but they can explore other service providers.
Tell them that personally, you want to help them but that you can’t go against the company policy.

When providing customer service, it is important to remember that each customer is different and has to be treated differently.

It’s true that each customer is different but providing personalized service all the time drains resources.
Providing personalized service makes the customer feel special and creates loyalty.
Personalized service is the norm. It’s done because everybody does it, not because it has any benefits.
Each customer is not different. Many customers are identical. So, personalized service has no special value.