Ruby on Rails Test Upwork Answer

Figuring out how to construct an advanced web application is overwhelming. Ruby on Rails makes it a lot simpler and more fun. It incorporates all that you need to assemble incredible applications, and you can learn it with the help of our huge, well disposed local area.

Ruby on Rails is open source programming, so in addition to the fact that it is allowed to utilize, you can likewise assist with improving it. In excess of 5,000 individuals as of now have contributed code to Rails. It’s simpler than you might suspect to become one of them.

Advancing for software engineer joy with Convention over Configuration is the way we roll. Ruby on Rails has been promoting the two ideas alongside an assortment of other dubious focuses since the start. To more deeply study why Rails is so not quite the same as numerous other web-application systems and standards, analyze The Rails Doctrine

Ruby on Rails Test question and answer

Which of the following is the correct way to know the Rails root directory path?

  2. Rails.root

In a Rails application, a Gemfile needs to be modified to make use of sqlite3-ruby gems. Which of the following options will use these gems, as per the new Gemfile?

  1. install bundle Gemfile
  2. bundle install
  3. mate Gemfile
  4. gem bundle install

 What is the recommended Rails way to iterate over records for display in a view?

  1. Implicitly loop over a set of records, and send the partial being rendered a: collection.
  2. Use each to explicitly loop over a set of records.
  3. Use for to fetch individual records explicitly in a loop.

 where do we use attr_accessor and attr_accessible in rails?

  1. controller
  2. helper
  3. model
  4. view

Which of the following will return a User object when used with a model which deals with a table named User?

  2. User.destroy
  3. User.find

In the case of Rails application performance optimization, select all valid ways to do assets compilation:

  1. Running the rake task with the assets: precompile parameter when CSS and JavaScript files are updated.
  2. Set a true value for the config.assets.compile parameter in the config/environments/production.rb file.
  3. Implementing the Rails asset pipeline feature to minify JavaScript & CSS assets.
  4. All of these.

What is the best way to get the current request URL in Rails?

  1. request.URL
  2. request.request_uri
  3. request.full path
  4. request.current_path

 How can a value be stored so that it’s shared across an entire request (i.e. make it accessible in controllers, views, and models)?

  1. Put it in a global variable.
  2. Create a Singleton and store it in a class variable.
  3. Store it in a thread locally.

Which of the following commands adds the data model info to the model file?

  1. bundle install
  2. generate model
  3. annotate
  4. Rails server

 Which of the following HTML template languages are supported by Ruby?

  1. Embedded Ruby
  2. HAML
  3. Mustache