Upwork SEO Test Answers 2021

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1. Which of the following image file types can be indexed by Google?

 Which of the following correctly describes what are considered to be “Doorway pages”?

� Pages with a permanent redirect(301) to an external page with relevant content.
� Pages specially designed to link partner sites.
� Sets of poor-quality pages where each page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase.
� None of these.

What would be the impact of meta keywords on Google’s ranking algorithm?

� Meta keywords are not used by Google.
� Multiple meta keywords may bring better results in SERP.
� Google encourages the use of a single meta keyword for each page.
� Multiple meta keywords get penalized by Google.

Which of the following best describes the practice of “Google Bowling” from a negative SEO context?

� Increasing the organic search ranking of a particular website or page by pointing hundreds or thousands of links at it, using very specific anchor text.
� Knocking a competitor out of the search results by pointing hundreds or thousands of low trust, low-quality links at their website.
� Making a search engine believe that another website exists at a given URL.
� Using words that were traditionally associated with low-quality content caused search engines to want to demote the rankings of a page.

Which of the following HTTP headers tells search engines when content has been changed since the site was last crawled?

� If-Modified-Since
� Last-Modified
� ETag
� Server

Which of the following is not a valid goal type from the perspective of Google Analytics?

� Destination
� Duration
� Pages/Screens per visit
� Conversions

Which of the following best describes a blog “TrackBack”?

� An automated notification that a website mentioned another website; it is a built-in feature on most popular blogging software programs.
� A link from one website to another. It is also called an inbound link.
� A method used to break a page down into multiple points on the web graph by breaking its pages down into smaller blocks.
� It is a method for tracking visitors to a website.

Which of the following practices are allowable under Google Webmaster Guidelines?

� Using automated programs or services to create links to a site.
� Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.
� Forum comments with optimized links in the post or signature.
� Advertising links that use the Nofollow attribute.

Please choose which of the following tool belongs to the Bing Search Engine?

� Keyword Planner
� SEO Analyzer
� Object Browser
� Open Graph Debugger

Which of the following rich snippet formats are supported by Google? Select all that apply.

� Microdata
� Microformats
� Data Highlighter
� RDFa